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The Avery Ranch neighborhood is abuzz with local amenities and nearby things to do, no matter what you’re interested in. Explore the map of Avery Ranch to discover all the secrets of the area.

Explore the Avery Ranch Neighborhood

The Avery Ranch master-planned community stretches across northwest Austin, Texas in the 78717 zip code. It’s part of Williamson County and spans more than 1,800 acres that include residential constructions, parks, schools, retail areas, and in-neighborhood amenities. The main thoroughfare is the east-west route of Avery Ranch Boulevard. Parmer Lane bisects Avery Ranch and acts as a main route to TX-45 and Brushy Creek Road. Within Avery Ranch are multiple sub-neighborhoods that include the Overlook, Northwoods, Parkside, Avery Ranch North, Avery Ranch South, and more. Within Avery Ranch, the Golf Club is in the northeast quadrant, while the Amenity Centers are on Morgan Creek Drive, Staked Plains Loop, Marathon Road, and Billingham Trail.

Avery Ranch Subdivisions